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The latest in screen cleaning technology...
Sticke slider sample designs for Iphone ipad tablet mobile screen cleaners

Combines a soft microfiber cleaning cloth on the front that’s enhanced with over 13 unique copyrighted designs for you to choose, add a reusable proprietary plastic gel adhesive coating on the back that’s environmentally friendly and non toxic. The result.. an effective, reusable and portable cleaner for all phones, tablets and other small electronic devices. Imagine having your own sticke, the practicality of a small cleaner in a great design that is always with your phone (or your device).

Definition: Sticke 
A washable microfiber screen cleaner with a proprietary adhesive backing that sticks firmly to the back of your Smartphone, tablet or glasses case and other
various screened electronics to clean it like new. A reusable, washable and portable screen cleaner that's functional and enhances your device with your choice of cool designs 
There are other cleaners out there that look the same but.... They Aren’t like our Stick’E

No other cleaner has our proprietary, reusable adhesive backing technology. This allows our cleaner to stick to 95% of protective cases, and glasses cases. Made from a patented silicone technology this allowed us to create our clever Stick’E backing that can be reused. We combined this our sticky backing with the superior cleaning ability of our high quality microfibre cloth. Creating the best possible portable screen cleaner for all your smart devices.


To make sure you have the best Sticke cleaning experience please follow these instructions to use your sticke cleaner for months to come.....

Caution : Before each and every cleaning and to ensure no damage is done to your device, please make certain there is no sand, dirt granules or other foreign matter on the soft microfibre cloth side of your "Sticke Cleaner".

If you find any foreign matter on the "cleaning side" of your Sticke, it may need a wash. See the Cleaning and maintaining your Sticke cleaner section.

When you first get a Sticke, Stick your Stick'E to the back of your device or up 95% of cases.

Peel IT : When your screen needs a clean, carefully remove your "Sticke" from your devices rear or case simply Peel IT,

Wipe IT : Wipe the screen of your device using the microfibre "logo/design" side of the Sticke cleaner. If you have stubborn marks that are harder to remove add a single drop of water to the cloth to wipe the dirt away.

Stick IT: After each screen cleaning, return your sticke to the back of your phone or devices case so it's ready for the next use.

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Cleaning and maintaining your Sticke cleaner

Did you find any foreign matter on the "cleaning side" of your Stick'e? Is your Sticke screen cleaners backside not Stick'e anymore?

Like you it needs a wash after a hard day with all that cleaning work.

Treat your Stick'e to a clean bath in warm soapy water using a mild detergent, give it a nice relaxing massage on both sides of the "Stick'e" to get rid of built up grime and dust.

Pat dry. Take your sticke in a clean dry area where it can lay down in a flat position out of direct sunlight in a dry place to dry out.
Allow your sticke to air dry completely by itself before it can be used to clean a screen again.

Following the above maintenance steps will keep your Stick'e cleaner working and looking great.

Your Sticke is now back to being your favourite portable screen cleaner......

Available in 13 exciting and catchy designs! In 2 great sizes to clean most device screens.

4CMx4CM :With it’s small and compact size this Stick’E made for all brands of mobile phones ie. Iphones & Samsung, Cameras, GPS/ Sat Nav, Apple and other Smart watches, Sunglasses, Ipods and portable DVD players and other Media Players. At 40mm x 40mm, they are the perfect size to clean just about anything that has a smaller screen.

5CMx5CM : With it’s larger size this STICK’E made for all brands of Ipads, tablets, Notebooks, Kindle and other E-Readers, Laptops, Netbooks and Large Mobile Phone versions. At 50mm x 50mm, they are perfect to clean just about anything that has a larger screen for efficiently.