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Carefully read the Disclaimers, Warnings and Terms  and Conditions below.

Disclaimers : Gecko Innovative Products, including the “Sticke microfibre screen cleaner” or any of its directors and/or employees shall not be held responsible for damage caused to you, your screened electronics, other small screened products, lens, cameras, reading eyeglasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, tablets, MP3 players, GPS, smartphones, smart watches and any other products you are cleaning or attempting to clean or damage to your property or another party’s property, caused by the inappropriate or incorrect use of products purchased from us. Please read the usage instructions on the label carefully and on this website on the Sticke Help & FAQs page or contact us for any advice if you are unsure.

The sticke colours within this site are samples only. Each design can vary in colour on different device screens, due to the appearance of colours on your device products may appear lighter, darker or differ from the displayed colour all together. Please keep this in mind as you shop and select your Sticke © screen cleaners.




Young children must be supervised when using the “Sticke cleaner” product. Cleaners not to be used by children under 3 years of age.


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Any reproduction or unapproved use of any of our designs or site content will be taken as a breach in these terms and conditions. We will enforce our rights of the Australian copyright law and will proceed with legal action against any offending person (‘s), their companies and any of their other employees found to be in breach to the full extent that the law allows. Please note that this page can and will be updated in the future so content may have changed since the last time you viewed this website and its content due to some site pages being dynamic.

Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, and we reserve the right to do so without notifying site users or customers. 

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