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About Sticke Cleaners

What is A Stick’E?



Sticke: a washable microfiber screen cleaner with a proprietary adhesive backing that sticks firmly to the back of your Smartphone, tablet or glasses case and other
various screened electronics to clean it like new. A reusable, washable and portable screen cleaner that's functional and enhances your device with your choice of cool designs 

Who is sick of trying to see through fingerprints, dust, surface bacteria, makeup, smudges, food particles plus other unknown types of filth on your Mobile, Tablet or any other small screened device in your life?

Not to mention what’s left on your screen when your little angel(‘s) has finished watching a video or just played a game on your Ipad or iPhone?

The Stick’E Microfiber Cleaner, you now have the perfect reusable weapon in your arsenal!

The Idea: A new type of cleaner......

Trying to find a solution to keep my phone and iPad screen clean was a constant never-ending battle. I tried using everything from the front of my shirt to jumper sleeves and single use screen wipes.
  • The shirt did ok in a pinch but mostly spread the grime about the screen's surface.
  • The inside of my jumpers sleeve worked pretty much the same, cleaning some unknown gunk off but still no real success 🙁
  • Single use screen cleaners done a better job at getting most of the grime off, but i was concerned that the type of cloth will scratch my screen. The wet cleaning solution dried quickly, Being a single use cleaner i had to throw it away.
To Solve this annoying problem what i needed was something new, compact enough so i could take it with me, ready to clean when i was, had a soft cleaning surface to protect the screen whilst i was cleaning my phone, something that works for small and larger screens. Had to be reusable but didn’t look like a cleaner maybe with a catchy design.

Introducing the Stick’E Screen cleaner:


The latest in screen cleaning technology...

Combines a soft microfiber cleaning cloth on the front that’s enhanced with over 13 unique copyrighted designs for you to choose, add a reusable proprietary plastic gel adhesive coating on the back that’s environmentally friendly and non toxic. The result.. an effective, reusable and portable cleaner for all phones, tablets and other small electronic devices. Imagine having your own sticke, the practicality of a small cleaner in a great design that is always with your phone (or your device).

Microfibre is one of the best cleaning cloths available. It's gentle on surfaces, highly absorbent, long-lasting and leaves no lint or dust behind. The original Stick’E cleaners are made from a high quality microfibre, this ensures a clean screen without damaging it.

Why Buy a Stick'e?

There are other cleaners out there that look the same but.... They Aren’t like our Stick’E

No other cleaner has our proprietary, reusable adhesive backing technology. This allows our cleaner to stick to 95% of protective cases, and glasses cases. Made from a patented silicone technology this allowed us to create our clever Stick’E backing that can be reused. We combined this our sticky backing with the superior cleaning ability of our high quality microfibre cloth. Creating the best possible portable screen cleaner for all your smart devices.

Available in 13 exciting and catchy designs!

13 x 4cm Phone sized sticke cleaners to choose from,

 4 Exclusive 5cm tablet sized sticke's for cleaning most of your 

screened devices.


4CMx4CM : With it’s small and compact size this Stick’E is made for all brands of mobile phones ie. Iphones & Samsung, Cameras, GPS/ Sat Nav, Apple and other Smart watches, Sunglasses, Ipods and portable DVD players and other Media Players. At 40mm x 40mm, they are the perfect size to clean just about anything that has a smaller screen.

5CMx5CM : With it’s larger size this STICK’E is made for all brands of Ipads, tablets, Notebooks, Kindle and other E-Readers, Laptops, Netbooks and Large Mobile Phone versions. At 50mm x 50mm, they are perfect to clean just about anything that has a larger screen for efficiently.

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