What is a Sticke?

Uses and Features

  • PORTABLE EASY ACCESS: High-performance portable screen cleaners, designed to attach to the back of a device, ultra soft microfibre that is safe for screens. The microfiber cleaning cloth patch/sticker is available in 2 sizes ( Large/ Small ). Each Sticke cleaner comes individually wrapped/packed. They make a great gift idea.
  • REUSABLE ADHESIVE: To adhere to the back of devices without leaving any sticky residue for small/medium portable electronic devices, gadgets, smartphones, cell phone, iPads, iPad Pro, androids, tablets, laptops, cell phones, any tablet screens, a great Larger size sticker for laptops, touchscreens, camera lenses, filters. Designed in Australia to, treat, clean, disinfect and protect all types of delicate screens.
  • STOCKING STUFFERS: Individually wrapped. Affordable great gift for under $10 cool gift idea for cleaning electronics. Can use indoor, outdoor activities, outdoor sports, fitness, runners, athletes, camping, hiking, beach, fishing, hunting, as travel accessories, for back to school/ TAFE / University, for family & friends, kids, party favors, birthday parties, co-workers, employees, customers, holiday gifts, for nerds.
  • SAFE FOR SCREENS: Ultra soft – Lint free cloth, anti-static, non-scratching, non-abrasive, oil-free, UV resistant, fast drying, antimicrobial, mildew resistant.
  • REMOVES: Fingerprints, oils, keypad imprints on laptops, grime, smudges, dust, allergens, pollen, moisture, sweat, saliva and a broad spectrum of germs/Bacteria. Our unique technology to permit using only a minimal amount of water to clean.
  • EASY USE: With a minimal amount of water, if needed can be used for smudges, grime, etc. Sticke’s Being chemical-free, reusable & non-toxic, you simply dampen your Sticke’s microfiber design/logo side    -if needed- with a drop of clean water ONLY (no detergent), then wipe the screen clean. When all clean, return your Sticke cleaner to the back of your device ready for the next time.   


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